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Why Clinton Keeps Talking About Obama As VP

I was going to write this later today, but the Trailhead did it for me.  Why Clinton keeps talking about Obama as the Vice President, even though she’s losing the delegate count, the popular vote, and the state count:

Veep Shot

…Clinton knows she can’t win the pledged delegate count. (To learn why, see here.) So if she’s going to clinch the nomination, she will have to persuade superdelegates to vote for her—and overturn the pledged delegate outcome. Naturally, many superdelegates are uncomfortable with this scenario. But by floating the possibility of Obama as VP, she’s trying to ease their consciences…

In other news, Mike Huckabee says McCain would make a good Vice Presidential candidate under a Republican ticket headed by Huckabee.




Fundamentally Unjust: Any Do-over in Florida Would Be Tainted

There’s been a lot of talk about holding a do-over primary in Florida, despite the fact that it’s their own fault their delegates have been stripped.  It might sound reasonable to do a do-over, but unfortunately, any do-over in Florida would be incredibly tainted.  People have already made a decision on who to vote for, and once people make a decision, it is incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to persuade them to change their votes.  Neither candidate campaigned in Florida (well, Clinton did campaign there, but I’ll let that go for the purposes of this post), and soon before the primary Clinton pandered to Florida voters saying that their vote should count despite the state breaking the rules.  Add that to simple name recognition, and Clinton ended up as the “victor.”  No big surprise. 

Since then, because it’s one of the only things she can do to get the nomination, Clinton has constantly pandered to Florida, still saying that their vote should count.  Not as do-over, mind you, but the original results.  And now, since that clearly can’t happen, the new message is this redo.  With the constant pandering to the voters, but mostly because people are unlikely to switch from their original votes, any redo in Florida would be fundamentally unjust.  It would be far more unjust to hold a redo than to not.

Unfortunately, Obama can’t protest a redo in Florida.  If he did, he would be open to attacks that he doesn’t want every vote to count, and that he’s just playing old-time poltics, doing every thing whatever he can to win (speaking of doing whatever one can to win, Clinton has been playing some more rhetorical games of late).  Worst yet, if he voices opposition to a do-over in Florida, if there ended up being another primary there, he’d be more dead in the water there than he already is there.

Sadly, it’s appearing more and more likely that there will be a new primary.  If so, it’s yet another unfair way that could help Clinton take the nomination (of course, it’s appearing that there is no fair way for her to take it at this point).  As I previously posted, that definitely spells trouble for the Democratic Party in the general election.