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Geraldine Ferraro: Off The Rails Even Before Today

As for the whole Geraldine Ferraro stuff, anyone who listened to NPR’s Talk of the Nation last Wednesday already knew that she has seriously gone off the rails.  If you want to listen to it, and I promise you it will hurt, it’s towards the end of the show.  Even the host, the usually unflappable Neal Conan, had no idea what do with her.



Obama Wipes Out Clinton’s March 4th Gains

In addition to Obama’s win in Mississippi today, he is now also projected to win the Texas caucus.  This, of course, means that Clinton officially lost Texas.  As such, according to CNN’s numbers, March 4th shaped up as follows:

Clinton Obama
Texas – P 65 61
Texas – C 29 38
Ohio 74 65
Rhode Island 13 8
Vermont 6 9
187 181

Clinton netted six delegates.  Not exactly a big comeback, especially since that only a few weeks beforehand, Clinton was leading in the polls in both Texas and Ohio by at least 20 points.
  Additionally, Obama’s wins in Wyoming and Mississippi has now more than wiped out any delegates Clinton gained on March 4th.



Obama Responds To Clinton’s “Obama-As-Vice-President” Rhetoric