It’s Time for Clinton To Withdraw

Is anybody else getting rather tired of the Democratic race?  I guess if not, you must be a Clinton supporter, as they’re the only ones who seem to think that there’s any reason for her candidacy to continue.  With Obama in the lead with delegates, the popular vote, and the state count, there is no feasible fair way for Clinton to overcome Obama on any of these marks (she’s now arguing that she won more electoral votes than Obama.  I’m not kidding.  Electoral votes).  This leaves Clinton only the superdelegates, who are extremely unlikely to overturn the primary results.  I can’t imagine that even Clinton supporters really want this to happen.  And that’s even ignoring the fact that it would lead to a huge backlash against the Democratic Party and almost undoubtedly hand the election to the Republicans.

To be fair, not everyone thinks that the ongoing process is a bad thing.  The media, for instance, is only very recently recognizing the fact that Clinton cannot win.  And even then it’s only the media fringe that is picking up on this or, at least, writing about it.

There is a fairly loud contingency who believes that the ongoing race can only help the Democrats in the end because, they say, this keeps the Democrats in the spotlight while no one pays any attention to what McCain has to say.  There are two problems with this.  The first of which is that every time I open up news pages, there’s almost invariably an article or two on McCain.  There are, admittedly fewer than on the Democratic race, but this leads to problem number two.  There is rarely anything printed of interest anymore besides the latest, rather meaningless, poll numbers, or yet more coverage of the “battle of the umbrage-taking.”

In no way are these stories helpful to keep voters interested, nor are they helpful in showing either candidate in a good light.  The more attacks from Clinton against Obama, the more ammunition McCain will have come the general election.  Clinton is, after all, a fellow Democrat, and her words, and those of her supporters, therefore sting far worse than those coming from Republicans.  For example, in listening to coverage of Obama’s speech on race, Clinton supports have been far less positive about his speech than even Republicans, whereby Clinton supporters often simply dismiss it out of hand

And that brings me to my main point.  Right now, the two sides are quite split, and probably have more venom for one another than they do for the Republicans.  It’s an irrational amount of hate, it’s people not wanting to listen to what the other side has to say, and it’s wanting to criticize anything at all the other campaign does so as to gain any sort of points by doing so.

This DOES NOT help the Democratic Party, and the increasing apathy due to the “battle of the umbrage-taking” and the never ending race make the situation untenable.  With Clinton having no chance to take the nomination without a superdelegate overturn of the race, which would be a disaster in itself, continuing the race is very damaging to the Democrats. 

It’s time for Clinton to see this.  It’s time for her to see that the only way to win is to kill almost all chances for the Democrats in the general election.  It’s time for her to do what’s good for her party and what’s good for her convictions.  It’s time for her to withdraw from the race. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t happening.  In this case, it’s time for the superdelegates to finally step in, like Bill Richardson, to settle this before it destroys any chances to win in the general election.  That way, it will finally stop the irrational criticisms, and more importantly, it will give Democrats time for the vitriol to subside, and more properly direct their anger toward the more proper target, Republicans.




**03/25/2008 addendum**

David Brooks’ New York Times op-ed on why Clinton should withdraw.


13 responses to “It’s Time for Clinton To Withdraw

  1. Great post. I agree. I’m getting weary of this race too.

    Hillary needs to step down because her win will only be possible if she gets the superdelegates to over turn the pledged delegates.

    Translations, she wins if her buddies chose her over Obama and the people will suffer a political coup.

    How do we spell disaster? C-L-I-N-T-O-N!

  2. Here are the reasons why Hillary Clinton does not concede to Obama:

    1. It is hard to concede against someone who is winning delegates via caucuses and a lot of them in mostly red states at that. Mostly, that is!

    2. It is hard to give in when you are winning the must win big states.

    3. It is hard to give in when your opponent is a novice in politics with no outstanding record on anything. Hard when you have to take his word on everything!!!!

    4. It is hard to give up when the whole of the left wing media types are propping your opponent up even if they cannot answer the fundamental questions his candidacy raises.

    5. It is hard to give up when the ” majority ” vote is going the other way after Pastorgate.

    6. It is hard to give up when most of your pledged super delegates are still holding firm on your side.

    7. It is especially hard to give up when your opponent excels in talk and cannot fathom policy.

    8. It is hard to give in when the people backing your opponent are people who are fringe and fickle voters and not the heart and soul of your party. No wonder he wants to block the Mich and Florida re-votes.

    9. It is hard to give up when your opponent is fast becoming fundamentally un-electable in an election by alienating the majority vote and living off the caucuses where people like me have nothing to do and all day to do it!

    10. Finally no matter how many ” waves” and ” momentum spurts” Obama seemingly gets from the left wing journalistic hacks, he gets roundly beaten in the next big state on the next big day!!! PA is not going to reverse that.

  3. None of those, with the exception of the “big state” argument, argues why the results should be overturned. They rather argue why you think your candidate is better. People have heard the arguments, they voted, and Obama has an insurmountable lead.

    As for the big state argument (and the argument that winning a primary = winning the state in the general, or losing a primary = losing the state in the general):


    This Nobama guy will not win the 2025 delegates either. he is as garbage as anything he ;lables except for the lack of the clintonian years.

    So lets wait and see he be the next president. In my book, not by along shot!

  5. Let me give you 2 more reasons why Obama cannot and will not win in November:

    1. One more scandal with someone screeching Baaaarrrrrrrrrak is all he needs.
    2. The conservative mediawillmake mincemeat of either candidate. In hillary’s case, she is not standing on the platform of ” I am holier than thou”. He is. It frankly disgusts a lot of people when you recollect, his spiritual advisor screech: GDA! People arent fools. The question will be – is this guy all hat and no cattle, considering who he associates with??
    3. No experience of having achieved anything in his life other than Rezkogate and pastorgate. Amazes me when he says- I have done this or that. Thats why she looks at him the way she does- The Oh yeah! look.

    After a month like he had winning 11 in a row, he gets cut right down to size. I mean the man cant even c,ose his own hype?????

  6. I shouldn’t even respond, but… And then Obama wiped out Clinton’s March 4th gains in the next two contests, and even gained more. I would link to my argument that already says that, but apparently you’re not a fan of arguments I’ve already made, and would rather have me repeat them here.

  7. There is some relationship between Olbama and the cherrypicked snippit that was taken out out context and played over and over again on FOX News ?

    No achievement???

    Predicting with uncanney accuracy the result of invading Iraq?

    Magna Cum Laude at Harvard Law and President of Harvard Law Review?

    With almost no experience in elections running an awesome campaigne?

    McCain claims he has superior expertise on foreign affairs and he does not know the difference between Sunnis, shiites, Al Qaeda.

    Hillary’s role in the Irish peace proces was arranging lunches and she lied about Bosnia.

  8. As far as “Pastorgate” goes, I won’t bother arguing the issue since it’s extremely dishonest to connect Wright’s comments with Obama, but let me point out that even after that issue, Obama still leads the national polls.

    And Dax, as for the larger point, I get the point that you like your candidate, and for some reason abhor Obama. What I’m not hearing from you is why Clinton should stay in it DESPITE the fact that she cannot win without superdelegates. If she wins with superdelegates, there will be a party implosion (as linked to in the original post, and the link was to my own blog, so that should be fair game). How is this a positive thing? How does this mean she shouldn’t drop out?

  9. Point is…neither can he win without the super delegates! Rules are rules! He needs the supers too. This is not clear for either candidate. either can make the case.

    As for me and your question on why I like my candidate, i have always abhorred people who talk the talk and their own lives have no reflection on what they talk. I refuse to be swayed. I work in avery empirical world- specifics or you do not cut it!

    Politics mostly is only a scenario of the lowest common multiple. Thats what all politicians amount to. Any country…anywhere! I would like it if Obama would take the right royal road of every politician and win. Not by trying to be a knight in shinimng armor or a statesman that he is not and taking the country for a ride in the bargain.

    There is just too much out there that suggests that this candidacy is more hype and nothing else. To trust the country in the hands of my ” unknown friend” is less pragmatic than giving it to the Clintons or the Mccains!

    I agree with running the perfect campaign and his harvard credentials. I applaud that.

    But this is the Presidency of the USA we are talking about – Does anyone want to take that chance Be my guest! I am not convinced with the hype. The proof that this is Hype: With all his money and all the hype that he gest from the left wing journalistc hacks and for all the clinton scandals, HE CANNOT WIN THIS EITHER, WITHOUT THE SUPER DELEGATES.

  10. Dax, I do get what you’re saying, and I understand why you support Clinton. However, and maybe I should phrase this a little differently, don’t you think the voters should decide who wins, despite the way the rules are set up? And don’t you think it would be catastrophic for the Democrats should they overturn the victor amongst the voters?

    The point of my post was to say that continuing on with this contest, no matter what you think of the respective candidates, is nothing but harmful to the party (and, therefore, the country). Your excessively negative Obama comments until your last comments exemplify this.

    You prefer Clinton, but unfortunately, she just can’t win without overturning the voters. And overturning the voters would be extremely disastrous. This is why I argue that she should withdraw. For herself, for the Democratic Party, and for the country.

  11. And he wont let Florida and Michigan re-vote will he?? lets be honest. He cannot afford primaries there can he??

    if this were to be abt the will of the people and the country voted- as in a general election- he would not win, in my estimate. so what will of the voters are we talking about?? I say this because he does not win primaries unless there is a sizable African american vote on the democratic side in a red state!!

    I do not think Barack obama is going to win the general election! After the questions that are being raised about who he associates with. It is one thing to hate the clintons and vote for Obama. It is another to vote for an inexperienced, nothing to show for all these years in politcs sorta candidate when it comes to the general election. I do not think the people are going to let that happen!

    Please read the articles people are writing about the white vote and Obama after pastorgate! I will leave it at that.

    In the general you do not have caucusses to depend on and the people who will vote in the general are people he has not yet seen and who do not take kindly to the questions his candidacy raises.

    It is one thing to have CNN and MSNBC trumpet you around. It is another to talk to those voters who will come out to vote in the general election.

    Finally, i will say this: When you preached so long and hard, you are living an exalted life. For a politician there is only one way to go from where he was perched – Down!

    All it takes is a few more nudges!

    Best wishes. Not tongue in cheek. I mean it

  12. I’ve addressed Michigan and Florida before, so I won’t do it here with the exception of saying Obama had nothing to do with stopping a re-vote in Florida, nor did he have a large role in Michigan (sure, he didn’t approve the plan before there was a plan. How dare he?). And even if the results stood as is, Obama still wins the delegate count and the popular vote (excluding Michigan since he wasn’t on the ballot. Actually, I believe he still wins the popular vote despite that).

    And here’s where you and I part ways. You think that “pastorgate” will take down Barack, despite his explanation, his speech on race, and that he still leads in national polls. I, however, believe that this is simply a blip on the radar (a big blip, to be sure), but Barack has already started to overcome.

    And if you want to talk about guilt by association and scandals, you just wait until Clinton goes against the Republicans in a general election. She’ll be eated alive, especially compared to McCain.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Obama wins among new voters, Clinton amongst the party stalwarts. The party stalwarts will be there come November. The new voters, especially if the results are overturned by the superdelegates, will not.

    Dismiss caucuses all you want, they were still proportional votes, and Barack still has the popular vote.

  13. Now that some of Hillay’s WH appointment schedules have been released and Hillary has admitted that her visit to Bosnia was totally misrepresented, are you still impressed with the vast experience she has had?

    I would insist that years of experience does not automatically guarantee good judgement.

    The same thing goes for McCain who repeatedly demonstrated that he did not have a handle on the most fundamental political probem in Iraq when he repeatedly demonstrated that he did not know the difference between Sunnis, Shiites and Al Qaeda. Is Alzheimers setting in already.

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