Democrats Might Vote McCain If Their Candidate Doesn’t Win

“Democratic Defection”
Democrats are ready to vote for John McCain if their candidate doesn’t win the primary.

(The above originally linked to a Slate article, but it has since been removed.  It was simply a report of polls showing that a percentage of Clinton supporters wouldn’t vote Obama come November)

To begin with, I’m not entirely sure I buy these numbers.  It seems to me that a lot of those being polled were trying to send a message that if they’re candidate doesn’t win, then the Party would lose in the general election.  For Clinton supporters, who are generally more the old stalwarts in the Democratic Party, this just doesn’t make sense.  It particularly doesn’t make sense because I’m still very unclear as to why Clinton Democrats hate Obama.  While I clearly disagree with them, I can understand why they prefer they’re candidate.  What he has done to garner this hate, I don’t know.

As I’ve said many times before, it makes some sense for Obama supporters to not vote for Clinton in the general election, especially if she takes the nomination in an unfair way.  However, I have never gone so far as to say it makes sense for them to vote McCain instead of Clinton.  Additionally, I mainly say that it only makes sense because it would be done in an unfair matter.  I would not be nearly as understanding if Obama supporters didn’t vote Clinton in the general should she have taken the nomination fairly (even despite her constant negative politics). 

As such, these numbers seem to indicate a far more irrational mindset, and is undoubtedly the result of this unnecessarily ongoing, increasing caustic, Democratic race.  It’s now all the more clear that the superdelegates need to step in to end this contest.  People need a lot of time to calm down, think rationally, and remember why they support Democrats rather than Republicans.  If this drags on until August, or even June for that matter, the Democrats are looking at a very real possibility of yet again snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.



3 responses to “Democrats Might Vote McCain If Their Candidate Doesn’t Win

  1. I concur that this is a bogeyman. I am a Clinton supporter. I would never vote for McCain. Almost all of the things I dislike about Obama are policy-related. I disagree strongly, for example, with what I see as a very non-progressive and scientifically insupportable energy policy. Earl Butz, Nixon’s Secretary of Agriculture, had practically the same idea in 1972, but then it was progressive. Now it’s not. I don’t think Obama has behaved paricularly well. He gets in sexist jibes or lets his campaign staffers do it. He smugly called for Clinton to apologize after her Bosnia remarks, which implies she did something morally wrong when it was a mistake. He makes mistakes too. I am concerned about the “charismatic leader” and “cult of personality” that seems to follow Obama, but none of this would make me vote for McCain. I am a Democrat. As you say, Clinton supporters tend to be the stalwart Democrats, and I fit that demographic.

    Thanks for the reasoned essay.

  2. None of this stuff matters. It’s way to early to assume that any of these people won’t change their minds in the months ahead.
    If McCain falls apart during a one-on-one debate, none of these folks are going to vote for him anyway.

  3. A couple things, 1dumblonde. Besides the “you’re likeable enough” comment (which I don’t see as being sexist at all, it was clearly in regards to the idea that people don’t like Clinton’s personality and had nothing to do with gender), are there any other comments that you characterize as sexist (and please don’t mention the “wash my shirt” nonsense)?

    And secondly, the Bosnia comment. She repeatedly told the same false story, even after being called out on it. It wasn’t just a flippant, passing remark, it was a calculated story. It’s more than reasonable to ask for an apology, especially since it wasn’t just a simple, one-time mistake.

    And let us not forget Clinton’s “outrage” over Obama campaign literature describing what was essentially true information about her policy stances.

    Anyway, thanks for the comment.

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