Daily Archives: April 4, 2008

The End of the Democratic Race and a Return to Republican Opposition

Since I haven’t posted for some time, I feel the need to weigh in quickly.  As I posited before, even in this weblog’s previous location, I think I’ve grown tired and used to the Clinton antics.  So much so that nothing Hillary does really gets me up in arms.  Obviously, I was wrong in that previous post, but not so anymore.  Even the Bosnia lying nonsense only got a quick YouTube link and nothing else.  It may also be because I think she’s truly out of the race.


It’s looking good for Obama, and I just can’t wait to see Clinton finally concede (if that’ll ever happen).  There’s basically no way for her to take the nomination, and the random absurd arguments we get daily don’t draw my ire so much anymore.


Anyway, that said, I want the weblog to turn back a bit into what it was originally about.  It wasn’t solely about being pro-Obama/Anti-Clinton.  It was more about my general view of politics, it had a much wider focus. 


As such, this will be the first of many posts that start to talk about other things (not that I’ll stop completely with Obama/Clinton/McCain). 


Not that I’m actually going to talk much about other things.  It’s Friday night, so this will be exceptionally quick.  One of my main themes from this weblog used to be the violence the Jr. Bush administration has inflicted on the Constitution, and very recently Dahlia Lithwick from Slate has written a great article on the administration’s reliance on lawyer-hacks (I’m a lawyer myself, so this was quite apropos) misusing legal writing in order to come out with completely twisted, yet oddly defensible, positions on torture, foreign policy, etc. 


Yoo Talkin’ to Me?

“Plausible deniability, and other reasons why warfare by midlevel legal memoranda is a really bad idea.”