Daily Archives: April 22, 2008

A Preemptive Post-Pennsylvania Primary Post

Because Clinton is expected to win Pennsylvania today, she’ll undoubtedly use it as an argument that she is more electable.  Because of that, I feel it necessary to post an obvious, quick argument in reaction to this. 


When you’re down in the popular vote, when you have fewer delegates, when you have fewer states, when you’re down by more than 10 points in the national polls (even after the completely absurd “bitter-gate”), you cannot reasonably make the argument that you’re more electable.  Doing slightly better in one demographic does not mean you are, especially when people become more informed, they tend to move away from you.


I’ll give Clinton one thing, however.  She does know that if you make a completely absurd argument, as long as you repeat it ad nauseam, the media will then repeat it and begin to accept it as fact.  Truthiness, anyone?


That said, while it’s doubtful, it is possible for Obama to win Pennsylvania today.  Most telling about today’s Primary, however, is that only two weeks ago Clinton was up by 25 points, and now she is only up by about eight.  It just goes to show once again that Clinton is the default candidate, and once people become more informed, they switch over to Obama.