Media Criticized for Reporting Math

And just when you thought the media wasn’t reporting at all on Clinton’s miniscule chances to win the nomination, and instead saying Obama was done for, out comes more criticism of the media for being anti-Clinton and for their “unique push to get a competitive White House hopeful to drop out of the race.”  From

Hillary Clinton and the Drop-Out Chorus

I’d distinguish between “pushing” Clinton to drop out and arguing that she can’t win. We’ve exhausted who knows how much server space detailing the extremely daunting metrics facing her candidacy without explicitly calling for her to exit the race. Of course, there’s the implication that, facing doom, a rational candidate would surrender. But rationality left the building long ago…

If anything, the media has done Clinton a favor in recent weeks: Judging from the way the Rev. Wright scandal has been covered, you could be forgiven for thinking Obama’s candidacy was about to crash and burn.

It’s a good post, and worth a full read.  It’s particularly interesting that people’s perceptions of the race don’t fit with reality.  That’s a big sign that the media isn’t doing its job.



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