Keith Olbermann on Clinton Arguments

This video so fantastically sums up the problem with Clinton reasoning, I just couldn’t help but post it here even though it’ll probably be all of the place shortly, if not already.  MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann summarizing Clinton’s arguments as to whose votes should count:

(Note: MSNBC apparently keeps sending take-down notices to YouTube for this clip.  Why?  I have no idea at all.  You’d think they’d appreciate the attention.  Anyway, I’m currently on my third link, and will probably stop updating the video after a few days.)

Absolutely classic.



5 responses to “Keith Olbermann on Clinton Arguments

  1. we are waiting for the other shoe to drop.

  2. Olbermann’s shilling for Obama is sick. But then again, just about everyone there is doing it.

  3. Hillary has shilled for McCain which is sicker .

  4. Yeah, yeah, yeah, the media is against Clinton. Nice meme. Ironically, we only think the media is against Clinton because the media told us the media is against Clinton.

    Let’s not forget the media blowing the “bitter” comment way out of proportion, as well as the constant harping on Rev. Wright, and calling Obama dead even though Clinton had basically no chance at all to win.

    But yeah, the media had decided, in a meeting they had a few months ago, to gang up on Clinton.

    Please, Clinton is the media’s darling right now. Olbermann called it for what it was, which is rare for anyone in the media to do of late.

  5. Some politicians will try to spin ANYTHING to make it good for their position. No wait, all politicians will do that. No wait, all TRADITIONAL politicians will do that. There is one I know of that doesn’t use spin at every turn and his name isn’t Hillary. So who should we look to for real change?… Maybe not the traditional politician… Maybe some REAL change can happen then.

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