Clinton’s Change in Stance On Michigan and Florida

An NPR story: How Clinton Shifted on Michigan, Florida Delegates.  It speaks for itself.  Break the rules to benefit yourself, Clinton.  Yeah, we want our president to have that attitude.  I’m still baffled how anyone can still support her, let alone think the Florida and Michigan argument is the result of rational thinking.  But, then again, to still believe Clinton deserves the nomination even after she has lost fairly is irrational in itself.



2 responses to “Clinton’s Change in Stance On Michigan and Florida

  1. You should check out here official website and attempt to post a comment on the blog with even the slightest twinge off from 100% supporting every despicable action she has made to change the rules.

    It doesn’t happen! Completely moderated and censored.

    Has anyone checked out Hillary’s ties to Google & China, maybe they are willing to pick up her debt at the end if she shows them she can censor public expressions and manufacture consent?

    Authoritarians 4 Hillary!

    & we surmise another 4 years of Bush with McCain will leave us no better off. What of our already drastically reduced rights we have now will be left after Hillary gets through with them?

  2. To a certain extent, I can understand the censorship, but only to the extent that it’s not 100% as you say, and that it’s only in relation to her running for office. However, if this happened when she was actually in office, it would be despicable politicking and censorship, not matter how slight the censorship (with the exception of moderation for abuse, of course).

    And here’s the thing, I don’t buy for a second that she wouldn’t have such censorship. Clinton clearly cares little about law and rights, and instead cares solely about what benefits her politically. You’re very right to connect her with Bush on this count, and it’s yet another thing that baffles me about how people can support her.

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