Maybe Clinton Will Appeal After All

Looks like I might have spoken too soon when I said that the unanimous vote would likely quell any possibility of a Clinton appeal: “Harold Ickes said, ‘Mrs. Clinton has instructed me to reserve her rights to take this to the Credentials Committee.'”

And a comment from the DemConWatch I linked to in my last post, from Galois: “Michigan looks like a foregone conclusion 69-59 pledged, unpledged restored, but all have 1/2 votes. Ickes and Clinton aren’t happy, but Don Fowler is supporting it.”

CORRECTION: The vote on Florida was unanimous.  The Michigan split was 19-8.



2 responses to “Maybe Clinton Will Appeal After All

  1. blackhippychick

    Clinton will appeal:
    You forgot to add that the vote totals for Obama for Michigan give him the write in vote based on ecit polls, becuase they do not count write in votes of undeclared candidates in Michigan they therefore do not know what people wrote in, so they are giving Obama the write in votes based on “EXIT POLLS” . This portion of the Obama delegation will be awarded without an actual vote being cast. “TERRIBLY UNFAIR” Obama will also get what everyone thought he would get “undecided”. The news and the media may not tell you this. The democrats only mentioned it once but when it came time for a vote they only said give Obama half but they did not revisit how they came to giving hime the number of delegates.

  2. So you actually think it would have been fair to give Obama no delegates at all? Talk about “terribly unfair.” What’s terribly unfair is a vote without campaigning and without Obama’s name even on the ballot. No delegates should have gone to anyone in Michigan.

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