RBC Result for Michigan: 34.5-29.5 Delegate Split (69-59, 1/2 Vote Each)

Same link as before.  Again, this is quite unjust, and even moreso since Obama wasn’t even on the ballot.  Undoubtedly, many stayed home because of this.  In fact, given the number of “Uncommitted” votes, Obama had a strong chance to win if the contest were run fairly.  But again, it almost undoubtedly will not affect the outcome. 

It looks like Clinton will take the issue to the Credentials Committee, but hopefully a superdelegate flood post-June 3rd will stop that in its tracks.

The Magic Number appears to be at 64.  Obama has 2053 delegates with 2117 needed.



2 responses to “RBC Result for Michigan: 34.5-29.5 Delegate Split (69-59, 1/2 Vote Each)

  1. First they took away half votes of Floridians, then they steal 4 votes from Hillary, then give uncommitted to Obama and then divide again – with that math DNC is going to cheer McCain as new president in November.

  2. Sour grapes, my friend. You’re lucky Hillary got anything at all. In a just world, the votes wouldn’t have been counted.

    And what’s wrong with giving the “Uncommitted” votes to Michigan? Don’t want to “count every vote”?

    Cheers on McCain if you will. If you are in fact a Hillary supporter, you’ll be voting against her ideals and the main reasons you supported her. Have fun with that.

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