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Daily Kos: Why Can’t Clinton Close the Deal

From The Daily Kos (found via LoomisNews), Why can’t Clinton close the deal?:

If Barack is such a bad candidate, and he is so unelectable, and it is such a bad idea to have him as the Democratic nominee, why can’t Hillary beat him?

And the rest of the post is fantastic too.  I do urge you to read it.

Because IF Obama wasn’t black, and IF millions of people weren’t supporting him, and IF he didn’t raise all that money, and IF his campaign hadn’t been run better than hers, and IF Red states hadn’t had the gall to vote, and IF those damn activists didn’t disagree with her on war in Iraq and nuking Iran…


The “Possibly Related Posts” Feature

WordPress has added a new “feature” to its service that you might have noticed by now.  It’s called “Possibly Related Posts,” and it adds links to other weblogs’ posts to the bottom of all WordPress blog posts.  I personally learned this when people started frequenting a February 21st entry on my political blog, even though that post wasn’t completely relevant to the current political situation.  I clicked on the referrer link, and found a post rather the opposite of my political viewpoint.  On top of that, my post didn’t seem at all related to the content of that entry, except that both entries discussed Clinton.


One of the main reasons I switched from my previous blogging tool was because it would place Google ads on my site, many of which were for political groups with the exact opposite opinions as mine.  As such, I was essentially promoting the opposition’s viewpoint. 


And now WordPress is doing something very similar with the “Possibly Related Posts.”  I like the feature to the extent that it increased traffic to my blog, but I dislike the feature because it’s promoting opposite viewpoints, and because it’s just ugly.  Don’t get me wrong, I welcome opposing views on my site, but only when someone took the time to comment, not just when someone posts something to their own site.  After all, with comments I can respond, with links to opposing weblog entries, I cannot.


Because of this I find myself in quite a dilemma.  On the one hand, I have no problems with promoting other blog posts, so long as they’re not completely opposite my viewpoint, and it’s done in a decent fashion.  Additionally, I appreciate the increase in traffic to my site.  On the other hand, it is ugly and it essentially makes me promote arguments which I disagree with. 


If the “feature” allowed me to eliminate certain links, I think I would keep it.  As it is, however, it’s way too close to the reason why I dropped my previous blogging tool.


For the immediate future, I will leave it on to see if I get any more increased traffic (although, I’m a little perturbed that all the increased traffic is to an old post of mine that isn’t very relevant anymore), and to see if the links become too objectionable.  If it becomes too objectionable, or too worthless, I’ll remove it.


In case you’d like to disable the “Possibly Related Posts” “feature” for your own blog and don’t know how, follow these instructions (taken from Possibly an Announcement):


If you want to remove the related posts from your blog entirely, just go to Design > Extras and check the box to do so. But if you remove related posts from your blog we’ll remove you from other people’s blogs, so you won’t get traffic from that.

As far as my non-political blog, I cannot see good reason to remove it just yet.  Although, again, it is pretty darn ugly.


The New Comrus Weblog Is Up and Running

The non-political RumpusGoopus weblog (The Comrus Weblog) is now up and running in its new location… somewhat.  As explained in the first post on the site, due to time constraints, the site will be updated only occasionally.  The Comrus weblog originally existed during a time in which I was in between law school and a job, and ever since I obtained employment, the posts became fewer and far between and finally died out (much like this weblog until the Democratic Primaries began).

However, I feel the need to have a non-political outlet, hopefully one that fulfills the original purpose of the original Comrus weblog.  That is, being at least a little amusing.  So while posts will be somewhat rare, I hope that it will be worth your time.

The new site is located at