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Anyone Else Need a Break?

Not that I’ve written much substantively of late, but the Rumpusgoopus Weblog, as well as most of our country really, needs a break.  I could write post after post about how Clinton supporters should support Obama, but I don’t think they or anyone wants to hear much of that right now.  I’m certainly tired of the conversation, and, frankly, rather annoyed with the thought that people might voluntarily choose to vote against there own interests.  We all need a break.

As such, I will attempt to completely ignore politics for about a week.  I know I will probably fail in this goal within 10 minutes, but at least I’ll not post anything here for that same period.

On the plus side, any time I say I’m not going to do something on this blog, I almost always do the opposite.  So I might end up posting something substantive after all (which this blog has definitely been in need of).