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Clinton Doesn’t Want All Votes To Count After All (not that we didn’t already know this)

From the Daily Kos: Clinton Attempting to Unseat Delegates in Texas.

Clinton supporters are trying to unseat the delegates of Collin County, Texas because they held their caucus a day late due to logistical issues with such a large turnout (3:05 p.m. update: luckily, the attempt failed).

It would be hard for me to be more sickened.  This is completely and utterly indefensible, especially given Clinton’s Michigan and Florida rhetoric.  It just goes to show, yet again, that the desire to seat Florida and Michigan has absolutely nothing to do with making everyone’s vote count.

Not that any of this is new or surprising, really.  Throughout the process she’s been ignoring the votes of basically any state that didn’t go her way anyway, does not want to give Obama any delegates for Michigan even though it’s clear at least some of the “uncommitted” votes would have been for him, and is now dismissing each and every caucus state in her newest argument on why she should win the nomination.  What a wonderful candidate we have.



Daily Kos: Why Can’t Clinton Close the Deal

From The Daily Kos (found via LoomisNews), Why can’t Clinton close the deal?:

If Barack is such a bad candidate, and he is so unelectable, and it is such a bad idea to have him as the Democratic nominee, why can’t Hillary beat him?

And the rest of the post is fantastic too.  I do urge you to read it.

Because IF Obama wasn’t black, and IF millions of people weren’t supporting him, and IF he didn’t raise all that money, and IF his campaign hadn’t been run better than hers, and IF Red states hadn’t had the gall to vote, and IF those damn activists didn’t disagree with her on war in Iraq and nuking Iran…


Did Republicans Help Clinton in Mississippi (And Inflate the “Racial Divide”)?

It looks very possible that the answer to that question is yes.  Not only that, it appears that these numbers helped skew the “racial divide” in that state.  Daily Kos’ interesting look at Mississippi’s exit polls: