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Minnesotans: Vote No on the Clean Water Amendment

Really quick:

Minnesotans, I urge you to vote no against the Clean Water Amendment.  I know it sounds like something we should be for, but the process is far too distorted.  This is something the legistature should take up, and it’s only by their failing that we now have this Constitutional Amendment.  The Constitution is not for what should be acts of the legislature, but rather for very serious issues, particularly those involving human rights.  It should not be used for what’s essentially just a referendum.  Not only does it give the legislators even more of an excuse not to do their jobs in the future, but it also ties their hands should we need to change it.  If it passes, the only way to undo it is by another Constitutional Amendment.  It’s a seriously problematic way to go about governing ourselves.

And this is coming from a liberal.