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A Letter to Those Clinton Supporters Who are Threatening to Vote McCain

Your Whiteness is Showing:
An Open Letter to Certain White Women Who are Threatening to Withhold Support From Barack Obama in November

While I’m not as quick to blame it on racism, Tim Wise makes a very strong and eloquent case for why it’s insane for Clinton supporters to threaten to vote McCain, and because of this insanity, why it’s hard to blame it on anything other than racism.

And now for a third question, and this is the biggie, so please take your time with it: How is it that you have managed to hold your nose all these years, just like a lot of us on the left, and vote for Democrats who we knew were horribly inadequate–Kerry, Gore, Clinton, Dukakis, right on down the uninspiring line–and yet, apparently can’t bring yourself to vote for Barack Obama? A man who, for all of his shortcomings (and there are several, as with all candidates put up by either of the two major corporate parties) is surely more progressive than any of those just mentioned. And how are we to understand that refusal–this sudden line in the proverbial sand–other than as a racist slap at a black man? You will vote for white men year after year after year–and are threatening to vote for another one just to make a point–but can’t bring yourself to vote for a black man, whose political views come much closer to your own, in all likelihood, than do the views of any of the white men you’ve supported before. How, other than as an act of racism, or perhaps as evidence of political insanity, is one to interpret such a thing?

He raises a lot of good points, even outside of the racism discussion.



How Would the Republicans Have Treated Hillary if She Were the Nominee?

Okay, really quick:  If you think the Democratic Primaries were sexist, just think how the Republican’s would have been if Hillary did get the nomination.  Does anyone remember how the Republicans treated Hillary in the past?  Please think of that before you jettison the Democratic Party for their supposed sexism.  And I don’t think I need to mention all the issues in which the Republicans stand on the wrong side of equality.

Please think about this before you try to convince yourself that McCain is an independent.  He’s not. 

Hopefully, that’ll be the last I’ll say on the issue (although I highly, highly doubt it).


The Answer To the Obama Sexism Question: *crickets, crickets*

Looks like the question I posed yesterday was also asked in the discussion section of Slate.com’s XX Factor Blog, located here.  And, like here, there have been no specifics (or even generalities for that matter) stated.  A person did point out that Ferraro gave one example, and it was when Obama said Clinton was like Annie Oakley when she talked about her gun experience.  I’m not sure how that’s sexist, unless comparing a woman to a woman is sexist in itself.

It sounds like this is yet another “impression” issue.  It was created out of nothing, but has taken hold amongst a not-too-small number.


Clinton Supporters: Please Explain Why You Think Obama Is Sexist

Ferraro suggests she may not vote for Obama

A big part of this campaign that has deeply troubled me is complaints of sexism from a not-too-small contingent.  I have struggled to understand this in regards to complaints that the media has been harder on Clinton because she’s a woman, but I’ve come to terms with it.  However, in relation to charges of sexism to things like asking Clinton to drop out, I am completely baffled.  But there is one charge that I have never understood, and that’s the charge that Obama has been sexist in any way shape or form.  In the link above, Ferraro says that Obama has been “extremely sexist” in running his campaign.  Now, we can argue until we’re blue in the face just how sexist “sweetie” is, but is that really all we have as evidence of this?  What, really, has he done that can be easily classified as “sexist”?

On another, yet related, note, it is rather senseless to not vote Obama in the General election because of these perceived slights.  Just imagine the damage that would be done to gender equality by McCain and the Republicans should he be voted into office instead of Obama.  And remember this more than anything, we’re one Supreme Court Judge away from overturning Roe v. Wade.  That’s on top of a lot of other equality issues that the Court will likely go the wrong way on.  And surely, gender equality will not get any better under continued Republican rule, but very well can, and I’d submit will, improve under an Obama Presidency.


Another Slate.com Link! Another Obama Post!

This Post Originally Appeared on February 19, 2008 at www.xanga.com/rumpusgoopus

Hey!  You know what this weblog needs, don’t you?  More stuff on Obama!  In fact, it needs more links to Slate.com!  It basically has had none of those in the past couple months!


Okay, so I’ve been actually very focused on the feminist response to the respective campaigns for a few weeks, but I’ve never written about it here for fear of being seen as a misogynist, sexist white male as apparently all Obama supporters are (sexist and misogynist, that is).  I came extremely close to commenting on the Huffington Post editorial titled “Patriarchy: 1000, Clinton: 0” after Obama’s sweep, but I refrained.  I refrained even though when I told my wife the name of the article, she laughed and thought that it was a headline of the kind you would find on The Onion.  And yet, even though females I know found the editorial to be rather abhorrent, I still didn’t comment. 


And finally, after all this time, I finally have decided: I’m still not going to comment.  It’s actually probably a mistake for me to not express my actual feelings regarding this issue since it’s much easier to read into what I think, but I’ll simply say this.  Slate.com’s “XX Factor” blog has usually supplied the appropriate feminist commentary on the election.  As such, I will rely on them in general, and a recent post in specific, to express my ideas on the election in regards to feminism.


Obama’s Sexist Dog Whistle

Barack Obama brought up Hillary Clinton’s period! “I understand that Senator Clinton periodically,” (See? He said it!) “when she’s feeling down, launches attacks as a way of trying to boost her appeal.” Clearly, he was saying his rival ought to look into hormone replacement therapy…

Make sure to click on the link and read the entire post, and also check out the rest of the blog.  And, with that, I shall leave to rest many rants I’ve held in my head in regards to this topic.

“I Swear I Don’t Hate Women” Charlie