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Universal Health Care or Mandatory Health Care?

There’s something that has been bugging me for quite a while now.  Ever since Massachusetts passed its “Universal Health Care” plan (and now picked up by Clinton), that is.  And the issue is this.  Since when did “Universal Health Care” become “Mandatory Health Care”?  When I, and I would believe most liberals, think of Universal Health Care, we think of a system whereby our tax dollars are used to fund health care for everyone.


The reason for the need of Universal Health Care is to make it available to those who want health coverage, but cannot afford it.  Mandating people get health care does not solve this problem.  It’s tantamount to “solving” homelessness by mandating that people get housing.  I fully admit that should everyone get health care, costs would go down some extent.  However, that does not outweigh the harm it would cause to those who cannot afford the insurance.


If we want Universal Health Care, let’s do it.  Let’s not mess around with mandates, but actually put into place a system whereby the government provides the health care funding.