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Am I Still Desensitized to Clinton’s Negative Campaign?

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on being desensitized to Clinton’s antics.  They just became too repetitive, and too tiring to care about.  Every single one was as pointless and negative as the previous.  As such, of late I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from writing about them.

But, oh my, has she upped the ante in the last few days.  It seems like every day she’s making outrageous claims, and each one is more outrageous than the previous.  I’ve still avoided writing about it.  And I will still.

However, one thing does need to be said.  I am truly struggling about what to do should Clinton win the nomination.  This looks exceedingly improbably since she basically has to win both Texas and Ohio by large margins.  As I write this post, as Obama has done with pretty much every state in which the people are given time to learn about him, he has closed the gap in Ohio, and is now slightly ahead in Texas.  Given that we still have a while until March 4, it should tighten up even more, if not go in Obama’s direction.  As such, it looks like Clinton doesn’t really stand a chance.

But my point is this, if she does win the election, her antics over the last few weeks has made it even harder to vote for her should she win the nomination.  In fact, ignoring Supreme Court nominations, I would be much more comfortable with a McCain Presidency than a Hillary Clinton Presidency.  She’s just too dirty and too absurd.  And let’s get this straight, I’m a liberal through-and-through, but I absolutely don’t want to vote for Clinton, especially given her campaign.  I’m starting to understand why Republicans hate her so much.

But then I have to figure in the Supreme Court.  Stevens is old, and while he might try to stay on the Court, who knows what will happen with his health.  I can stand four years of a McCain Presidency far easier than four years of a Clinton Presidency, but the Supreme Court has far more reaching effects than just four years. 

And there’s my dilemma.  It looks like I’m not going to have to deal with it, it looks like Obama will win, but Democrats, please keep this in mind.  If me, a liberal, is completely turned-off by Clinton, so much so that I might not vote for her, what does that say about independent voters?  Or even a lot of other Democratic voters?